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One Liner Approach To General Knowledge Traditional GK

General Knowledge is an indispensable part of every competitive examinations held in India. Competitive examinations held across India generally asked questions from four main sections i.e. General Knowledge, Reasoning, English and Mathematics. General Knowledge is one subject which is very difficult to prepare and needed much time. Thus, candidates needs to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Since it is very difficult to revise all sections of general knowledge few days before exams, therefore, we are presenting One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK) containing more than 500 questions frequently asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, CDS, NDA, BANKS, LIC, RAILWAYS, MBA, PSC, etc.

One Liner General Knowledge:

Sl. No.Question - One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK)Answer
441. Sher shah became the emperor of Delhi after defeating Humayun in the battle of? Kannauj
442. Safdarjung's tomb was built by? Nawab Shauja-ud Daula
443. The vitamin used in alcoholism is? Thimaine
444. Naturally occuring anti-malarial drug is? Artemisinin
445. Which Bhakti saint was regarded by his follower as an incarnation of Vishnu? Chaitanya
446. Sunderban is a Biosphere reserve, True or False? True
447. Where is the Coral Sea located? North-Eastern part of Australia
448. The capacity of rock to allow water to pass through is called? Permeability
449. Which country is called the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes? Minnesota (USA)
450. Drug retail sale licenses are issued by? Drug Controller Authorities of the States
451. Which vitamin is required for formation of Prothrombin? Vitamin K
452. Aldosterone regulates? Sodium absorption
453. Cream gets separated from milk when it is churned because of? Centrifugal force
454. Speed of sound is maximum in solid, liquid or gas? solid
455. Unit of Force is? Newton
456. The Gulf Stream is an ocean current which begins off the coast of? Florida
457. The industrial process of producing ammonia by the reaction of nitrogen with hydrogen in the presence of catalyst is called? Haber process
458. The term Ecology was coined by? Ernst Haeckel
459. Tortoise usually lives for? 100 years
460. Which properties shows that light is a transverse wave? Polarisation

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