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List of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries Traditional GK

Sl. No.InventionInventor
1. Aeroplane Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright
2. Antiseptic Dr. Joseph Lister
3. Aspirin Dr. Felix Hoffman (Germany)
4. Barometer E. Torricelli (Italy)
5. Bicycle K. Macmillan (Scotland)
6. Atom Bomb Julius Robert Oppenheimer
7. Tyre J. B. Dunlop (Scotland)
8. Balloon Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier (France)
9. Bi-focal lens Benjamin Franklin (US)
10. Bullet Claude Minie (France)
11. Chronometer John Harrision (England)
12. Calculating Machine Pascal (France)
13. Centrigrade scale A. Celsius (France)
14. Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel (Germany)
15. Cinema A. L. Lumiere and J. L. Lumiere (France)
16. Computer Charles Babbage (Britain)
17. Cinematograph Thomas Alva Edison (US)
18. X-ray W. K. Roengton (Germany)
19. Transformer Michael Faraday (Britain)
20. Thermometer Galileo Galilei (Italy)

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