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Questions related to General Science are always asked in every competitive examinations conducted by SSC CGL, UPSC, PSC, LIC, GIC, Railways, IBPS, etc. The main objective of these questions is to test the candidate's knowledge in various topics related to general science such as invention and discoveries, branches of science, scientific instruments, types of diseases in animals and plants, vitamins and minerals, scientific laws and theories, etc. For this purpose we have provided 500 objective General Science questions with answers for the candidates to enhance their knowledge in this area. All these questions had already been asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, UPSC, BANK CLERK, BANK PO, CDS, NDA, CPO, PSC, LIC, GIC, RAILWAYS, etc.

Take 10 Questions Online Quiz on General Science below:

1) Which of the following is used in beauty parlours for hair setting ?
A) Phosphorus
B) Sulphur
C) Chlorine
D) Silicon

2) The location and energy of an electron in an atom can be specified by:
A) Atomic mass
B) Atomic number
C) Quantum numbers
D) None of these

3) The filament of electric bulb is made of:
A) Iron
B) Nichrome
C) Tungsten
D) Graphite

4) Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme?
A) Pepsin
B) Renin
C) Insulin
D) Amylopsin

5) Which of the following is not an enzyme?
A) Amylase
B) Pepsin
C) Somatotropin
D) Trypsin

6) Tape recorder records sounds in the form of
A) Electrical energy
B) Magnetic energy
C) Variable resistance
D) Sound Waves

7) When water freezes its density:
A) Increases
B) Decreases
C) Remains constant
D) Becomes zero

8) What element is added to steel (which is iron with a little carbon) to make stainless steel ?
A) Silicon
B) Chromium
C) Phosphorus
D) Sulphur

9) Which one among the following will you put in to pure water in order to pass electric current through it?
A) Lemon Juice
B) Kerosene
C) Mustard oil
D) Sugar

10) Which of the following is an exception to “Cell Theory”?
A) Lichens
B) Fungi
C) Bacteria
D) Virus

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