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Important National & International Days of the Year (India and the World) Traditional GK

Dear User, in this article we have shared month-wise list important national and international days from January to December. Regularly go through this list to remember all the important days observed nationally or internationally in different parts of the world. In various competitive examinations 1 or 2 questions are often asked. Thus, we have presented below the list of important days for you to learn. Happy Learning!

Sl. No.Important DateRemarks
1. 10 January World Hindi Day
2. 12 January National Youth Day (birthday of Swami Vivekananda)
3. 15 January Indian Army Day
4. 23 January Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's birthday
5. 26 January Republic Day
6. 30 January Martyrs' Day (Also death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi)
7. 14 February Valentine's Day
8. 28 February National Science Day
9. 8 March International Women's Day
10. 15 March World Consumer Right's Day
11. 23 March World Meteorological Day
12. 24 March World Tuberculosis Day
13. 5 April National Maritime Day
14. 7 April World Health Day (anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948)
15. 18 April World Heritage Day
16. 22 April Earth Day
17. 1 May International Labour Day
18. 3 May International Press Freedom Day
19. 8 May World Red Cross Day
20. 17 May World Telecommunication Day

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