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One Liner Approach To General Knowledge Traditional GK

General Knowledge is an indispensable part of every competitive examinations held in India. Competitive examinations held across India generally asked questions from four main sections i.e. General Knowledge, Reasoning, English and Mathematics. General Knowledge is one subject which is very difficult to prepare and needed much time. Thus, candidates needs to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Since it is very difficult to revise all sections of general knowledge few days before exams, therefore, we are presenting One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK) containing more than 500 questions frequently asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, CDS, NDA, BANKS, LIC, RAILWAYS, MBA, PSC, etc.

One Liner General Knowledge:

Sl. No.Question - One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK)Answer
461. The shifting of a program from one of the memory addresses to another is called? Relocation
462. An aerosol is a colloidal system of a? solid dispersed in gas
463. Food cans are coated with Tin and not Zinc because? Zinc is more reactive than Tin
464. An antigens develop antibodies. The Antibody which protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses are? Immunoglobulins
465. Hygrometer is used for measuring the? relative humidity
466. Biogas produced by the fermentation of animal dung, human sewage or crop residues in an airtight container is rich in? Methane
467. Which schedule of the Constitution contains provisions as to disqualification of MPs and MLAs on the ground of defection? 10th schedule
468. First Indian woman who reached Antartica? Meher Moos
469. Which schedules of the Indian Constitution describes the allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha? 4th schedule
470. Mahatma Gandhi was assasinated by? Nathuram Godse
471. The biggest public sector bank in India is the State Bank of India
472. Main diamond producing area in India is Panna Diamond Belt, M.P
473. The largest cave temple in India is Ellora cave
474. The first Indian state to be formed on linguistic basis after Independence was Andhra Pradesh
475. The largest prison in India is the Tihar Central Jail, New Delhi
476. The largest post office in India is the? GPO, Mumbai
477. The oldest english daily newspaper of India is? The Times of India
478. Grave's disease is caused due to? Hyperactivity of Thyroid
479. The first library established in India is the? William Carey library, Serampore
480. Iron and Mangenese are removed in water by the process of? Filteration

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