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One Liner Approach To General Knowledge Traditional GK

General Knowledge is an indispensable part of every competitive examinations held in India. Competitive examinations held across India generally asked questions from four main sections i.e. General Knowledge, Reasoning, English and Mathematics. General Knowledge is one subject which is very difficult to prepare and needed much time. Thus, candidates needs to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Since it is very difficult to revise all sections of general knowledge few days before exams, therefore, we are presenting One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK) containing more than 500 questions frequently asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, CDS, NDA, BANKS, LIC, RAILWAYS, MBA, PSC, etc.

One Liner General Knowledge:

Sl. No.Question - One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK)Answer
361. Zero Hour does not come under legislative control over administration, True or False? True
362. Who propounded the theory of innovation theory of profits? J. A. Schumpeter
363. In AC circuits, AC meters measure? RMS values
364. When a light wave is reflected from a mirror, there is a change in its? Amplitude
365. Solar energy is due to? Fusion reaction
366. Under perfect competition, the industry does not have any excess capacity because each firm produces at the minimum point on its? Long run average cost curve
367. ENIAC was? An electronic computer
368. Coins made of metal first appeared in? Later Vedic Age
369. A natural region has the similarity of? Climate and natural vegetation
370. From the bark of which plant is Quinine extracted? Cinchona
371. When water itself combines chemically with some element of mineral it is called? Hydration
372. Hypertension is the term used for? Increase in blood pressure
373. Navjeevan newspaper had been edited by? Mahatma Gandhi
374. Study dealing with the interactions of same species of living organism with their non-living environment? Autecology
375. The contractile proteins in a muscle are? Actin and Myosin
376. The novel 'White Tiger' which won the Booker Prize 2008 is authored by? Aravind Adiga
377. The electronic configuration of an atom having atomic number '20' is? 2, 8, 8, 2
378. The vertical movement of air is termed as? Air Current
379. Crop rotation helps to? Eliminate parasites which have selective hosts
380. Acute lead poisoning is also known as? Plumbism

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