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Idioms and Phrases Quiz for Competitive Examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc.

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Under this section users can play unlimited number of free quiz or test related to Idioms and Phrases. This section contains 100 Idioms and Phrases questions previously asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc. Under this Test / Quiz, 10 multiple choice questions related to Idioms and Phrases will be displayed with four options. These questions are selected randomly from our Idioms and Phrases database. Users will have to select one of the four options given which they think is the correct answer. After attempting all the questions users will have to select Check Result option which will take them to the result page. In the result page users will be shown detailed result such as number of correct and wrong answer along with percentage obtained. It will also show the correct answer to each questions.

1) Dog in the manger
A) An undersized bull almost the shape of a dog
B) A dog that has no kennel of its own
C) A person who puts himself in difficulties on account of other people
D) A person who prevents others from enjoying something useless to himself

2) To throw down the glove
A) To give a challenge
B) To accept immediately
C) To be hopeless
D) To be in dilemma

3) To hold something in leash
A) To restrain
B) To keep calm
C) To make one appear guilty
D) To be impatient

4) To wrangle over an ass's shadow
A) To act in a foolish way
B) To quarrel over trifles
C) To waste time on petty things
D) To do something funny

5) To rest on one's laurels
A) To be complacent
B) To be dissatisfied
C) To be satisfied
D) To be good

6) Single blessedness
A) The state of being unmarried
B) Blissful delight
C) Belief in monism
D) Introvert

7) To keep the ball rolling
A) To earn more and more
B) To work constantly
C) To maintain the progress of a project, plan, etc
D) To make the best use of

8) Pell-mell
A) In mingled confusion or disorder
B) Gaiety and excitement
C) Extremely worried
D) A fat person

9) A close shave
A) A clean shave
B) A narrow escape
C) To gamble
D) To start something new

10) By fits and starts
A) To do intermittently or irregularly
B) To do consistently
C) To be in high spirits
D) To fight vigorously

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