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Spotting Errors in English Quiz for Competitive Examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc.

Instruction for playing Spotting Errors in English Quiz:

Under this section users can play unlimited number of free quiz related to Common Errors in English Sentences. This section contains 50 Common Errors questions previously asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKS, CDS, NDA, MBA, RAILWAYS, PSC, etc. Under this Test / Quiz, 10 multiple choice questions related to Common Errors in English will be displayed with four options. These questions are selected randomly from our Common Errors in English database. Users will have to select one of the four options given which they think is the correct answer. After attempting all the questions users will have to select Check Result option which will take them to the result page. In the result page users will be shown detailed result such as number of correct and wrong answer along with percentage obtained. It will also show the correct answer to each questions.

Take 10 Questions Online Quiz on Common Errors / Spotting Errors in a Sentence below:

1 By all standards (a) he is a best soldier (b) / our military school (c) / has produced so far. (d) / No error (e)

2 If I would have realised (a) / what a bad shape our library is in (b) / I would have done something (c) / to arrest the deterioration. (d) / No error (e)

3 The pledges that countries (a) / are making to battle climate change (b) / will still result in the world (c) / heating up by more than 6 degree celsius. (d) / No error (e)

4 The Committee Chief warned the party members (a) / that if they persist (b) / in their obstructionist attitude (c) / they would be suspended. (d) / No error (e)

5 They never thought (a) / that Joshi is the (b) / oldest than the other (c) / Professors in the Faculty. (d) / No error (e)

6 Now a days the cost of living (a) / is so high that (b) / people find it difficult (c) / to make both ends meeting. (d) / No error (e)

7 He was having a bath (a) / when the phone rang. (b) / Very unwillingly he got out of the bath (c) / and went to answer it. (d) No error (e)

8 Such manufacturing plants will (a) / generated employment for (b) / over 1,000 skilled professionals (3) / over the next five years. (d) / No errors (e)

9 The majority of the (a) / computer professionals recommends (b) / that effective measures (c) / should be taken against software piracy. (d) / No error (e)

10 On account of the falling in (a) / its revenue and profitability (b) / the company has received (c) / a lower credit rating this year. (d) / No error (e)