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Sobriquets of India and World Traditional GK

SobriquetsOriginal Name
Bengal's Sorrow Damodar River
Blue Mountain Nilgiri Hills
City of Palaces Kolkata
City of Sky-Scrappers New York
City of Golden Gate San Francisco
City of Eternal Springs Quito (S. America)
China's Sorrow Hwang Ho river
City of Seven Hills Rome
City of Dreaming Spires Oxford
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Dark Continent Africa
Diary of Northern Europe Denmark
Emerald Isle Ireland
Empire City New York
Eternal City Rome
Forbidden City Lhasa (Tibet)
Garden City Bengaluru
Gate of Tears Strait of Bab-el Mandeb
Gift of the Nile river Egypt
George Cross Island Malta
Granite City Aberdeen (Scotland)
Hermit Kingdom Korea
Herring Pond Atlantic Ocean
Holy Land Jerusalem (Israel)
Holy Mountain Fujiyama (Japan)
Island of Cloves Zanzibar
Island Continent Australia
Island of Fire Iceland
Island of Pearls Bahrain
Island of Springs Jamaica
Key of Mediterranean Gibralter
Land of Cakes Scotland
Land of Flying Fish Barbados
Land of Golden Fleece Australia
Land of Golden Pagoda Myanmar
Land of Humming bird Trinidad
Land of Maple Leaf Canada
Land of Marble Italy
Land of Midnight Sun Norway
Land of Morning Calm Korea
Land of Thousand Elephants Laos
Land of Rising Sun Japan
Land of White Elephant Thailand
Land of Thousand Lakes Finland
Land of Thunderbolt Bhutan
Land of Perpetual Greenness Natal
Land of Windmills Netherland
Loneliest Island Tristan da Cunha
Manchester of the Orient Osaka
New World America
Pearl of Antilles Cuba
Pearl of Orient Hongkong
Pillars of Hercules Strait of Gibraltar
Pink City Jaipur
Playground of Europe Switzerland
Quaker City Philadelphia
Queen of the Adriatic Venice
Roof of the World The Pamirs
Sickman of Europe Turkey
Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
Spice Island of the West Greece
Venice of the North Stockholm
Windy City Chicago
Whiteman's Grave Guinea
Yellow River Huang Ho


1. 'Land of Cakes' is the sobriquet of which country?

  • a) Chicago
  • b) Greece
  • c) Scotland
  • d) Finland

Correct Answer: (c)

2. 'Emerald Isle' is the sobriquet of which country?

  • a) USA
  • b) Ireland
  • c) Egypt
  • d) Australia

Correct Answer: (b)

3. 'Island of Pearls' is the sobriquet of which country?

  • a) Bahrain
  • b) Canada
  • c) Italy
  • d) Cuba

Correct Answer: (a)

4. 'Playground of Europe' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Germany
  • b) Switzerland
  • c) Greece
  • d) Spain

Correct Answer: (b)

5. 'City of Seven Hills' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Rome
  • b) London
  • c) Paris
  • d)

Correct Answer: (a)

6. 'Dark Continent' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) North America
  • b) Africa
  • c) Asia
  • d) South America

Correct Answer: (b)

7. 'Herring Pond' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Indian Ocean
  • b) Artic Ocean
  • c) Pacific Ocean
  • d) Atlantic Ocean

Correct Answer: (d)

8. 'Land of Maple Leaf' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) France
  • b) Argentina
  • c) Canada
  • d) China

Correct Answer: (c)

9. 'Spice Island of the West' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Greece
  • b) Spain
  • c) Portugal
  • d) Finland

Correct Answer: (a)

10. 'Yellow River' is the sobriquet of?

  • a) Brahmaputra
  • b) Nile
  • c) Huang Ho
  • d) Ganga

Correct Answer: (c)

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