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One Liner Approach To General Knowledge Traditional GK

General Knowledge is an indispensable part of every competitive examinations held in India. Competitive examinations held across India generally asked questions from four main sections i.e. General Knowledge, Reasoning, English and Mathematics. General Knowledge is one subject which is very difficult to prepare and needed much time. Thus, candidates needs to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Since it is very difficult to revise all sections of general knowledge few days before exams, therefore, we are presenting One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK) containing more than 500 questions frequently asked in various competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, CDS, NDA, BANKS, LIC, RAILWAYS, MBA, PSC, etc.

One Liner General Knowledge:

Sl. No.Question - One Liner Approach To General Knowledge (GK)Answer
281. Who was the founder of Home Rule Movement? Bal Gandhar Tilak
282. Khajuraho temples were built by? Chandellas
283. The Harappan Civilization belongs to which age? Chalcolithic Age
284. The computer system program which are used to produce actions similar to those in real physical system are called? Simulation
285. There is a wide variation of fauna and flora on the earth due to? Different physical environment
286. Excise duties are levied by the Union but appropriated by the States, True or False? True
287. Al Askari, a place of worship of Shias is at which place? Sammara, Iraq
288. Which part of Pondicherry, a Union Territory is physically situated in Andhra Pradesh? Yanam
289. Rail services were started during the rule of? Lord Dalhousie
290. Which Indian language is called �Italian of the East�? Telugu
291. Quit India Movement was launched due to the failure of? Cripps Mission
292. Which Indian bird is facing extinction threat due to environmental pollution? Vulture
293. Sea of Tranquility can be found in? Moon
294. A strip of water body, Sir Creek located at? Rann of Kutch (Gujarat)
295. Clove is obtained from? Bud
296. Who gave the slogan 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan'? Lal Bahadur Shastri
297. Other name of IBRD (International Bank for Recontruction and Development) is? World Bank
298. Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron? Otto von Bismarck
299. Sariska wildlife sanctuary is located at? Rajasthan
300. Kaziranga National Park is located at? Assam

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