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Important National & International Days of the Year (India and the World) Traditional GK

Dear User, in this article we have shared month-wise list important national and international days from January to December. Regularly go through this list to remember all the important days observed nationally or internationally in different parts of the world. In various competitive examinations 1 or 2 questions are often asked. Thus, we have presented below the list of important days for you to learn. Happy Learning!

Sl. No.Important DateRemarks
41. 24 November NCC (National Cadet Corps) Day
42. 1 December World AIDS Day
43. 4 December Indian Navy Day
44. 7 December Armed Forces Flag Day
45. 8 December SAARC Day
46. 10 December Human Rights Day
47. 16 December Vijay Diwas
48. 24 December National Consumers Day

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