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Online One Word Substitution Quiz Set No - 2

Questions have been taken from previous years English questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

11) A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time
A) Academic
B) Incorrigible
C) Contagious
D) Epidemic

12) A disease which is spread by direct contact
A) Incurable
B) Infectious
C) Fatal
D) Contagious

13) A doctor who specializes in the eye diseases of the eyes
A) Geologist
B) Ophthalmologist
C) Usurer
D) Oncologist

14) A doctor who treats children
A) Gynaecologist
B) Physiologist
C) Cardiologist
D) Paediatrician

15) A dramatic performance
A) Mascot
B) Masque
C) Mask
D) Mosque

16) A drawing on transparent paper
A) Red print
B) Transparency
C) Blue print
D) Manuscript

17) A figure of speech by which a thing is spoken of as being that which it only resembles
A) Alliteration
B) Simile
C) Metaphor
D) Personification

18) A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth
A) Geo-stationary
B) Geo-centric
C) Geo-synchronous
D) Polar

19) A former student of a school, college or university
A) Genius
B) Learner
C) Scholar
D) Alumnus

20) A four footed animal
A) Scullery
B) Chaperon
C) Quadruped
D) Matron

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