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Online One Word Substitution Quiz Set No - 3

Questions have been taken from previous years English questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

21) A four-wheeled carriage for a baby, pushed by a person on foot
A) Spam
B) Pram
C) Cart
D) Buggie

22) A game in which no one wins
A) Abandoned
B) Postponed
C) Draw
D) Obsolete

23) A general pardon of offenders
A) Parole
B) Clemency
C) Forgiveness
D) Amnesty

24) A geometrical figure with eight sides
A) Polygon
B) Octagon
C) Hexagon
D) Pentagon

25) A government by officials
A) Democracy
B) Gerontocracy
C) Anarchy
D) Bureaucracy

26) A group of girls
A) Bevy
B) Epistle
C) Dotage
D) Virago

27) A group of three powerful people
A) Trio
B) Tritium
C) Trivet
D) Triumvirate

28) A guide-post pointing out the way for a place
A) last-post
B) finger-post
C) lamp-post
D) check-post

29) A heavy continuous fall of rain
A) Drizzle
B) Blizzard
C) Downpour
D) Avalanche

30) A humorous drawing dealing with current events or politics
A) Cartoon
B) Graffiti
C) Haven
D) Intestate

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