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Online One Word Substitution Quiz Set No - 1

Questions have been taken from previous years English questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

1) A bicycle for two or more people
A) Barrow
B) Toboggan
C) Tricycle
D) Tandem

2) A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict (decision)
A) Committee
B) Audience
C) Lawyer
D) Jury

3) A brief or a short stay at a place
A) Halt
B) Sojourn
C) Intermission
D) Interlude

4) A broad road bordered with trees
A) Sanctuary
B) Fašade
C) Boulevard
D) Boudoir

5) A building in which aircraft are housed
A) Granary
B) Garage
C) Hanger
D) Dockyard

6) A building where an audience sits
A) Stadium
B) Gymnasium
C) Auditorium
D) Assembly

7) A child born after death of his father
A) Orphan
B) Posthumous
C) Premature
D) Progenitor

8) A collection of slaves
A) Crew
B) Company
C) Cortege
D) Coffle

9) A decorative ring of flowers and leaves
A) Wreathe
B) Wreth
C) Wrath
D) Wreath

10) A den for small animals
A) Dyke
B) Shed
C) Hutch
D) Cave

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