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Online Economics Quiz Set No - 3

Economics questions have been taken from previous years question papers of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

21) An economy is in equilibrium when
A) Planned consumption exceeds planned saving
B) Planned consumption exceeds planned investment
C) Intended investment equals intended saving
D) Intended investment exceeds intended saving

22) An essential attribute of inflation is:
A) fall in production
B) increase in prices
C) absence of black market
D) presence of black market

23) An increase in the quantity supplied suggests?
A) a rightward shift of the supply curve
B) a leftward shift of the supply curve
C) a movement up along the supply curve
D) a movement down the supply curve

24) As on 2013, Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) ceilings in the telecom sector is?
A) 49 percent
B) 50 percent
C) 75 percent
D) 100 percent

25) Bank rate is the rate at which:
A) a bank lends to the public
B) the Reserve Bank of India lends to the public
C) the Government of India lends to other countries
D) the Reserve Bank of India gives credit to commercial banks

26) Banks in India are required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This portion is called
A) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
B) Reverse Repo
C) Bank Deposit
D) Cash Reserve Ratio

27) Black money is :
A) counterfeit currency
B) illegally earned money
C) money earned through underhand deals
D) income on which payment of tax is usually evaded

28) Broad money in India is :
A) M1
B) M2
C) M3
D) M4

29) Capital output ratio of a commodity measures
A) Its per unit cost of production
B) The amount of capital invested per unit of output
C) The ratio of capital depreciation to quantity of output
D) The ratio of working capital employed to quantity of output

30) Consequent upon the recommendations of the Working Group on Rural Banks, 5 Rural Regional Banks were initially set up in the year:
A) 1973
B) 1974
C) 1975
D) 1976