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ABASE, v. degrade, diminish, dishonour, humiliate
ABASH, v. cause to be embarrassed.
ABBREVIATE, v. shorten, contract.
ABDICATE, v. to give up, renounce such as power,
ABERRANT, adj. markedly different from an accepted norm, abnormal
ABERRATION, n. a state or condition markedly different from the norm, deviation
ABET, v. assist or encourage.
ABEYANCE, n. temporary cessation or suspension, postponement.
ABHOR, v. To hate, loathe or detest.
ABIDE, v. comply with.
ABJECT, adj. completely without pride or dignity, hopeless
ABJURE, v. formally reject; to swear to abandon it forever.
ABJURE, v. To renounce upon oath, to give up.
ABNEGATION, n. A denial, a renunciation.
ABSOLUTE, adj unalterable; unrestricted.
ACCORD, n agreement or concurrence of opinion.
AFFLICTION, n. a cause of great suffering and distress.
AMALGAMATE, v. To merge, to combine, to join.
APPREHEND, v. anticipate with fear or anxiety;
ARBITRARY, adj despotic; wayward.

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