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ABASE, v. degrade, diminish, dishonour, humiliate
ABASH, v. cause to be embarrassed.
ABBREVIATE, v. shorten, contract.
ABDICATE, v. to give up, renounce such as power,
ABERRANT, adj. markedly different from an accepted norm, abnormal
ABERRATION, n. a state or condition markedly different from the norm, deviation
ABET, v. assist or encourage.
ABEYANCE, n. temporary cessation or suspension, postponement.
ABHOR, v. To hate, loathe or detest.
ABIDE, v. comply with.
ABJECT, adj. completely without pride or dignity, hopeless
ABJURE, v. To renounce upon oath, to give up.
ABJURE, v. formally reject; to swear to abandon it forever.
ABNEGATION, n. A denial, a renunciation.
ABSOLUTE, adj unalterable; unrestricted.
ACCORD, n agreement or concurrence of opinion.
AFFLICTION, n. a cause of great suffering and distress.
AMALGAMATE, v. To merge, to combine, to join.
APPREHEND, v. anticipate with fear or anxiety;
ARBITRARY, adj despotic; wayward.
ATTRITION, n. Wearing or grinding down by friction.
BOISTEROUS, adj. Having or resembling animal exuberance, noisy
CAJOLE, v. To influence or persuade by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
CAPTIVE, n. a person who is confined; prisoner.
CHURLISH, adj. Rude, surly, ungracious
CONSEQUENT, adj. following as a consequence; resultant; outcome.
DEARTH, n. an insufficient quantity or number, scarcity.
DECIDUOUS, adj. shedding leaves at the end of a certain season.
DEJECTED, adj. affected or marked by low spirits; depressed; distressed.
DEMISE, n. the time when something ends; death; decease.
DISSOLUTE, adj. Unrestrained by convention or morality
DWELL, v. think moodily or anxiously about something.
EMULATE To copy or imitate specially a person
ENIGMATIC, adj. not clear to the understanding, mysterious
ERUDITE, adj. having or showing profound knowledge; learned.
EXHUME, v To dig out of the ground for reburial or for medical investigation
EXONERATE, v pronounce not guilty of criminal charges or blame
EXTRAVAGANT, adj. recklessly wasteful; lavish.
FASTIDIOUS, adj. giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; particular.
FATIGUE, n. temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work, exhaustion. tiredness.
FLIMSY, v weak; feeble; not very convincing; lacking substance.
FRACAS, n an uproar; fight; noisy quarrel.
FUNGIBLE, adj. interchangeable.
GHASTLY, adj. horrible, horrifying.
GRANDEUR, n. the quality of being magnificent or splendid; glory.
GRANDIOSE, adj Large and impressive, in size, scope or extent
GULLIBLE, adj. easily deceived or tricked.
HEINOUS, adj. extremely wicked, criminal.
HOMOGENEOUS, adj. all of the same or similar kind or nature.
HYPOCRISY, n. pretending to have qualities or beliefs that one do not really have; pretence.
ILLUSORY, adj deceiving; misleading; illusory promises.
IMMACULATE, adj. spotless; flawless; without stain or blemish.
IMPEACH, v. to bring an accusation against; to level a charge against
IMPECCABLE, adj Perfect, having no faults, flaws or errors
INCENSE, v to make extremely angry; to set on fire.
INCRIMINATE, v. to implicate in a crime; to accuse.
INEXORABLE, adj Impossible to stop or prevent, relentless
INFER, v Conclude by reasoning, in logic
INHERENT, adj Existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute
INNOCUOUS, adj. not injurious; harmless.
INQUISITIVE, adj. Curious
INSANITY, n Seriously mentally ill, madness.
INTEGRITY, n The quality of being honest, moral soundness
INTERCEDE, v. to mediate; to reconcile differences.
INTERIM, n a period of time between one event, process or period and another
INTREPID, adj. invulnerable to fear or intimidation; brave; fearless.
INTUITION, n The ability to understand something instinctively, premonition
INVETERATE, adj Having a particular habit, activity, or interest
INVOLUNTARY, adj. not subject to the control of the will; unwilled;
JADED, adj bored or lacking enthusiasm
JUXTAPOSITION, n The act of positioning close together
LANGUISH, v Become pitiful or weak, feeble
LEGITIMATE, adj. genuine; lawful.
LIBERAL, adj. Characterized by broad-mindedness
MEDDLE, v To interfere in other people's affairs or business
MOTILE, adj exhibiting or capable or spontaneous movement.
MYRIAD, adj. innumerable; in a large amount.
NONENTITY, n Nonexistence; Imaginary; A person or thing of no importance or value.
OBLITERATE, v To remove completely, leaving no trace
OMNIPOTENT, adj. having unlimited power.
OSTENTATIOUS, adj. Intended to attract notice and impress others
PARITY, n similarity; equality.
PARITY, n. functional equality
PRAGMATIC, adj. practical (values).
PRECARIOUS, adj Dangerously likely to fall or collapse, Not secure
PREDILECTION, n A predisposition in favor of something, preference
PRODIGIOUS, adj Great in extent, size, or degree, large
PROFANE, adj. Lacking reverence or respect, especially towards a god
PROFLIGATE, adj. unrestrained by convention or morality.
PROMISCUOUS, adj Characterized by many transient sexual relationships.
PUNITIVE Inflicting punishment, punishing
QUANDARY, n doubt, plight, dilemma
QUANDARY, n. state of uncertainty; doubt; dilemma.
QUELL, v. Suppress or crush completely
RAMPANT, adj. unrestrained and violent; widespread.
RECEDE, v. To move away or backward
RECUPERATE To recover, especially from an illness
REDUNDANT, adj. more than is needed or desired; superfluous.
REPRISAL, n A retaliatory action against an enemy, revenge
REPRISAL, n. a retaliatory action against an enemy; revenge.
REPUDIATE, v Refuse to acknowledge, disclaim
SAGACIOUS, adj. acutely insightful and wise.
SALUBRIOUS, adj. Promoting health or well-being
SALUTARY, adj Beneficial to health
SANGUINE, adj. confident; optimistic.
SARDONIC, adj ironically humorous, scornful
SEDITION, n incitement, insurgence, illegal act of inciting people to resist or rebel against the government in power
SLOTHFUL, adj. Inactive; sluggish; lazy
TACIT, adj. Implied by or inferred from actions or statements
VEHEMENTLY, adv. Expressing with a strong or forceful attitude
VINDICTIVE Having or showing a strong desire for revenge
VIRTUOUS, adj Full of virtue, having excellent moral character