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Sl. No.Question - SportsAnswer
1. Who became India's second Grand Master in Chess after Vishwanathan Anand? Dibyendu Barua.
2. What is the beginning level in Karate? White Belt.
3. What is the national sport of India? Hockey.
4. What is the national game of China? Table Tennis.
5. The term Grand Slam is associated with? Lawn Tennis.
6. Who was the first Test centurion in Indian Cricket? Lala Amarnath.
7. Who broke Pete Sampras's record of maximum Grand Slams in tennis? Roger Federer.
8. In Volley ball, the number of players on each side is? 6.
9. Saina Nehwal is associated with which sport? Badminton.
10. The first man to swim across the Palk straits is? Mihir Sen.
11. The game of Cricket originated in which country? Britain.
12. The term Googly is associated with which sports? Cricket.
13. 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in? London.
14. India first took part in the olympic games in the year? 1920.
15. Who was adjudicated as the man of the series in the tournament of ICC World Cup 2011? Yuvraj Singh.
16. The head quarters of International Olympic Committee is at? Lausanne in Switzerland.
17. The 2014 football world cup is scheduled to be held in? Brazil.
18. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title? Wilson Jones.
19. In which year did Milkha Singh win the first National title in the 400 m race? 1957.
20. Who was the 1st ODI captain for India? Ajit Wadekar.