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Learn Geography of India and World

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101. Heavenly bodies which are seen as a bright streak of light in the sky are called? Meteors or shooting stars
102. Name the planet with maximum number of satellites? Saturn
103. Which is the fastest rotating planet? Jupiter
104. Which is the slowest rotating planet? Venus
105. Which planet has the same period of rotation and revolution? Venus
106. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are called? Jovian planets
107. Which planet has the shortest year? Mercury
108. Which planet is called Morning and Evening star? Venus
109. Which is the brightest planet of the solar system? Venus
110. Which planet rotates from North to South? Uranus
111. Which planet rotates from East to West? Venus
112. Phobos and Deimos are satellites of which planet? Mars
113. In which country the active volcano Mt Etna is located? Italy
114. Which country is known as Land of Gold and Diamond? South Africa
115. Capital of Nigeria is? Abuja
116. Longest waterfall in the world is? Victoria Falls
117. Name the flightless bird of Kalahari desert? Ostrich
118. The Victoria Fall was discovered by? David Livingston
119. The temperate grassland of South Africa is called? High Veld
120. The only river which crosses the Equator twice is? River Zaire

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