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Abbreviations and Expansions, Full Form Traditional GK

List of Abbreviations and Expansions

Sl. No.AbbreviationAnswer
101. B.O.L.T. Build Operate Lease Transfer
102. C.I.I. Confederation of Indian Industry
103. C.R.I.S.I.L. Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
104. C.R.R. Cash Reserve Ratio
105. E.P.Z. Export Processing Zone
106. F.E.R.A. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
107. F.I.I. Foreign Institutional Investors
108. G.D.P. Gross Domestic Product
109. H.U.D.C.O. Housing and Urban Development Corporation
110. N.A.B.A.R.D. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
111. O.G.L. Open General License
112. V.A.T. Value Added Tax
113. C.I.S.F. Central Industrial Security Force
114. N.I.F.T. National Institute of Fashion Technology
115. U.G.C. University Grants Commission
116. I.O.C. International Olympic Committee
117. D.D.T. Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane
118. D.T.P. Desk Top Publishing
119. I.C.B.M. Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
120. N.A.T.O. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

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