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General Science GK

Sl. No.Question - ScienceAnswer
1. The temperature at which all substances have zero thermal energy? -273 degree celcius.
2. Any substance which when added to a reaction, alters the rate of the reaction but remains chemically unchanged at the end of the process is called? Catalyst.
3. The study of the inter-relations of animals and plants with their environment is called? Ecology.
4. Study of insects is called? Entomology.
5. A unit used to express the focal power of optical lenses? Dioptre.
6. The velocity that a body with less mass must achieve in order to escape from the gravitational attraction of a more massive body is called? Escape Velocity.
7. Laughing gas is chemically known as? Nitrous Oxide.
8. The blood vessels carrying blood from the heart to various parts of the body is called? Artery.
9. The distance travelled by light in one year is called? Light year.
10. The rate of change of position of a body with respect to time in a particular direction and is a vector quantity is called: Velocity.
11. An organism which derives its nourishment from another living organism is called? Parasite.
12. Newton's which law states that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the force applied and takes place in the direction in which the force acts? Newton's second law of motion.
13. Which is the world's first man-made satellite? Sputnik-I.
14. Which planet is the brightest of all the planets? Venus.
15. Small pieces of solid matter which are found scattered in the inter-planetary space of the solar system are known as? Meteoroids.
16. The largest gland in the body which is dark red in colour is? Liver.
17. Inadequate secretion of Insulin hormone causes which disease? Diabetes.
18. Common cold, Influenza, Chickenpox and Measles are caused due to the attack of Virus or Bacteria? Virus.
19. In which atmospheric layer are the communication satellite located? Ionosphere.
20. The scientific principle behind 'Fibre Optics' is? Tota internal reflection of light.