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Important facts on Nanda Dynasty and its ruler - Mahapadmananda

Nanda Dynasty (344-321 B.C.)

1. Mahapadmananda was the first ruler of Nanda dynasty.
2. Mahapadmananda established the Nanda dynasty into a powerful empire.
3. According to the Puranas, Mahapadmananda was the son of Nandivardhana & a shudra woman. Thus, the Nandas were the first Non-Kshatriya rulers in the history of India.
4. The Nandas have been termed as the first empire builders in the history of India.
5. Mahapadmananda had the titles of Ekarat and Sarvakshatrantaka.
6. According to Hanthigumpha inscription Mahapadmananda conquered Kalinga.
7. The extent of Nanda dynasty was from Punjab in the west to Bihar in the east.
8. The Nanda dynasty had a huge army consisting of 2,00,000 lakh infantry, 20,000 cavalry, 2,000 war chariots and 3,000 war elephants.
9. The Nanda dynasty followed Jainism.
10. Last ruler of Nanda dynasty was Dhanananda. He was contemporary of Alexander.
11. Alexander invasion of India took place in 326 B.C. during the reign of Dhanananda.
12. Chandragupta Maurya defeated Dhanananda and laid the foundation of Mauryan empire.

Objective Questions on Nanda Dynasty and its rulers - Mahapadmananda and Dhanananda:
1. Who established Nanda dynasty into a powerful empire?
(a) Mahapadmananda
(b) Kalashoka
(c) Mahanandin
(d) Dhanananda

2. Who of the following ruler earned the title of Ekarat?
(a) Kalashoka
(b) Mahapadmananda
(c) Mahanandin
(d) Dhanananda

3. Nanda dynasty ruled from?
(a) 492-460 B.C.
(b) 322-295 B.C.
(c) 412-344 B.C.
(d) 344-321 B.C.

4. Alexander invaded India during the reign of?
(a) Kalashoka
(b) Mahapadmananda
(c) Mahanandin
(d) Dhanananda

5. Whom did Chandragupta Maurya defeated and laid the foundation of Maurya empire in India?
(a) Dhanananda
(b) Mahapadmananda
(c) Mahanandin
(d) Kalashoka

Answers - 1(a), 2(b), 3(d), 4(d) and 5(a).