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List of 10 Largest Island in the World:

IslandArea (Sq. Km.)Location
Greenland2,175,600between Arctic and Atlantic Oceans
New Guinea785,753South-west Pacific Ocean
Borneo748,168between Indian and Pacific Ocean
Madagascar587,713Indian Ocean
Baffin503,944North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean
Sumatra443,066Indian Ocean
Honshu225,800Pacific Ocean
Great Britain229,957North Atlantic Ocean
Victoria220,548Arctic Ocean
Ellesmere183,965Arctic Ocean

List of 5 Largest Island Countries in the World:

Island CountriesArea (Sq. Km.)
Papua New Guinea462,845

List of 5 Highest Island in the World:

Highest IslandArea (meter)
New Guinea5,010
Hawaii (USA)4,200
Borneo (Indonesia)4,150
Formosa (China)3,980
Sumatra (Indonesia)3,830

List of 5 Largest Volcanic Island in the World:

Volcanic IslandArea (Sq. Km.)
Sumatra (Indonesia)443,010
Honshu (Japan)225,800
Java (Indonesia)138,800
North Island (New Zealand)111,550
Luzon (Philippines)109,920