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Important Age Limits in Indian Constitution

Minimum and Maximum Age Limits in Indian Constitution

OfficeMinimum AgeMaximum Age
The President35 years---
The Vice-President35 years---
Lok Sabha Speaker25 years---
Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha25 years---
Chief Justice of India---65 years
Other Judges of the Supreme Court---65 years
Members of Lok Sabha25 years---
Members of Rajya Sabha30 years---
Attorney General of India---65 years
Comptroller and Auditor General of India---65 years
Chairman, U.P.S.C.---65 years
Members, U.P.S.C.---65 years
Governor35 years---
Chief Minister25 years---
Members of Legislative Assembly25 years---
Members of Legislative Council30 years---
Advocate General---62 years
Members of State Public Service Commission---62 years
Chief Justice of High Court---62 years
Other Judges of High Court---62 years

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