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Sl. No.Question - First in India and First In WorldAnswer
61. Who introduced the system of permanent settlement, also called the Zamindari system, 1793 in Bengal? Lord Cornwallis.
62. Who established the Fort William college at Calcutta? Lord Wellesely.
63. Who laid the foundation of railways in India? Lord Dalhousie.
64. In India the first railway line was laid between? Bombay and Thane in the year 1853.
65. Doctrine of Lapse was introduced in India by which Governor General? Lord Dalhousie.
66. Who was the first Viceroy of India? Lord Canning.
67. Who introduced The Vernacular Press Act to curb the freedom of Indian Press? Lord Litton.
68. Who abolished the Vernacular Press Act and introduced Illbert Bill? Lord Ripon.
69. Who was responsible for the partition of Bengal into East and West Bengal in 1905? Lord Curzon.
70. In which year Delhi was made capital of India in place of Calcutta? 1911.
71. Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on? 13th April 1919.
72. Non-Cooperation movement started in the year? 1920.
73. In which year Simon commission visited India? 1928.
74. In which year Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed? 1931.
75. The Poona pact was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and? Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
76. The last British Governor General of independent India was? Lord Mountbatten.
77. Who was the first president of Indian National Congress? W. C. Banerjee.
78. Who was the founder of Brahmo Samaj? Ram Mohan Roy.
79. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj? Swami Dayanand Saraswati.
80. Who was the founder of Servants of Indian Society? Gopalkrishna Gokhale.