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Sl. No.Question - First in India and First In WorldAnswer
41. Who founded Chola dynasty? Vijayalaya in 850 AD.
42. Which dynasty ruled during the period 1206 - 1290 AD? Slave dynasty.
43. Who founded Slave dynasty? Qutub-ud-in Aibak.
44. Who built Qutub Minar at Delhi? Qutub-ud-in Aibak (later finished by Iltutmish).
45. Who started the persian festival 'Nauroz'? Balban.
46. Who was the founder of Khilji dynasty? Jalal-ud-din Khilji.
47. Which Tughlaq ruler introduced coins of brass and copper? Mohammed-Bin Tughlaq.
48. Which ruler established the Agra city? Sikandar Lodhi.
49. Who defeated Ibarahim Lodhi in the 'first battle of panipat'? Babur in 1526.
50. 'Baburnama' was written by? Babur in Turkish language.
51. Which emperor built the famous Grant Trunk Road from Peshawar to Calcutta? Sher Shah Suri.
52. Buland Darwaja at Fatehpur Sikri near Agra was built by? Akbar.
53. In which year Vasco-de-gama discovered the sea route to India? 1498.
54. East India Company of England came to India in? 1602.
55. In which year Captain Hawkin of East India Company came to the court of emperor Jehangir? 1608.
56. In 1613 East India Company established its first factory in India at? Surat.
57. Under whose leadership East India Company defeated Siraj-ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal in the battle of Plassey in the year 1757? Lord Clive.
58. In which decisive battle the English defeated the French and ended the French rule in India? Battle of Wandiwash in 1760.
59. Under whose leadership the English army defeated the joint army of Mir Qasim, Siraj-ud-Daulah and Shah Alam II? Captain Hector Munro in the Battle of Buxar (1764).
60. Who was the first Governor General of Bengal? Warren Hastings.