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Sl. No.Question - First in India and First In WorldAnswer
1. Kalibangan in Rajasthan, Lothal in Gujarat, Ropar in Punjab and Mohenjodaro in Pakistan are important sites of which ancient civilization? Indus Valley Civilization.
2. Which ancient civilization existed between 2350 BC and 1750 BC? Indus Valley Civilization.
3. Vedic period existed between ----------- and --------------BC. 1500 and 600 BC
4. The four vedas are? Rig veda, Sam veda, Yajur veda and Atharva veda.
5. 'Satyameva Jayate' is taken from? Mundaka Upanishad.
6. Name the Kshatriya Prince who later came to be known as 'Buddha'? Siddhartha.
7. Where was Gautam Buddha born in the year 567 BC? Lumbini in Kapilavastu (Nepal).
8. Where did Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment? under pipal tree at Bodh Gaya.
9. Where did Gautam Buddha delivered his first sermon? Sarnath in U.P.
10. Where did Gautam Buddha died? Kushinagar in U.P.
11. The religious book of Buddhism is? Triptikas.
12. Where was Vardhamana Mahavira born? Kundagrama in 540 BC.
13. Vardhamana Mahavira died at? Pavapuri (present day Bihar).
14. Religious book of Jainism? Agam (in pali language).
15. Triratna concept (right knowledge, right faith and right conduct) are major teachings of? Jainism.
16. Which temple in Mount Abu is famous religious place of Jainism? Dilwara temple.
17. Bimbisara and Ajatasatru belongs to which dynasty? Haryanka dynasty.
18. Who founded the Nanda dynasty? Mahapadma Nanda in 382 BC.
19. Alexander defeated Porus in the battle of ................................. in the year 326 BC. Hydespas.
20. Who was the founder of Mauryan empire? Chandragupta Maurya.