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121. The deepest points of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans respectively are? Milwaukee Deep, Java Trench and Challenger Deep
122. Imaginary lines joining places with same temperature? Isotherms
123. What is the general direction of Cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal? East to West
124. Sivasamudra is an island formed by the river? Cauvery
125. No trees are found in Tundra biome near polar region of northern hemisphere due to? Frozen ice beneath the surface restricts root growth
126. The vertical movement of air is termed as? Air turbulence
127. Thames river flows in which country? United Kingdom
128. An area legally reserved for wild life in its natural surroundings is? Sanctuary
129. Firefly gives us cold light by virtue of the phenomenon of? Bioluminescence
130. The warm and dry winds that blow down the steep valley in Japan are called? Zonda
131. Which element plays an important role in nitrogen metabolism? Molybdenum
132. Which disease occurs when sorghum is consumed in excess quantity? Pellagra
133. Apis florea, apis dorsata and apis cerana are the species of? Honey Bee
134. Green Ear, Ergot, Rust are the diseases associated with? Bajra
135. For how many years is sheep able to breed? 10 years
136. Sharadamani is the suitable? Rabi maize variety
137. The major fungi that affects food-grains in storage is? Mucor
138. Which is the perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass)? Pusa Giant Napier

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