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Learn Geography of India and World

Sl. No.Question - GeographyAnswer
61. The equatorial radius of the earth is approximately? 6400 km
62. The largest mica producing country in the world? India
63. The layer of atmosphere close to the earth's surface is called? Troposphere
64. The polar diameter of the earth is shorter than its equatorial diameter by? 43 km
65. The second highest mountain peak in the world is? Godwin Austin also known as K2
66. The second largest island in the world is? New Guinea
67. Tropical cyclone storms occurring in Philippines, Japan and China seas are known as Typhoons
68. What is the approximate circumference of the earth? 40,000 km
69. Which is the world's largest mountain range? Himalaya
70. Which is the largest country in the world in terms of area? Russia
71. Which of the following is the capital and seaport of Philippines? Manila
72. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the? Rotation of the Earth on its axis
73. Indian Standard Time is associated with? 82.5 degree East Longitude
74. For a time difference of one hour the longitudinal distance is equal to? 15 degree
75. A day is added when a man crosses the International Date Line from? East to West
76. In a tropical cyclone, pressure decreases towards the center and wind moves in an anticlockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, True or False? True
77. Which parallel of latitude divides India into almost two equal parts? Tropic of Cancer
78. In which of the following water bodies are Lakshadweep islands situated? Arabian Sea
79. How much of the total geographical area of world does India account for? 2.4 percent
80. In the context of Indian wild life, the flying fox is a? Bat

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