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Learn Geography of India and World

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41. What is the currency of Argentina? Peso.
42. What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen.
43. Parliament of Russia is called? Duma.
44. National Emblem of Australia is? Kangaroo.
45. Old name of Sri Lanka is? Ceylon.
46. Which country is known as City of Seven Hills? Rome.
47. Boundary line between North Korea and South Korea is called? 38th parallel.
48. International Women's Day is celebrated on? March 8.
49. Boundary line between India and China is called? McMohan Line.
50. Which country is known as Sugar Bowl of the World? Cuba.
51. 'Willy willies' are tropical revolving storm found in? North-West Australian waters
52. A bowl-shaped depression created by glacial erosion is called a? Cirque
53. A cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally? Towards the centre of low pressure
54. A day is added when a man crosses the international Date Line from North to south
55. Comets are luminous celestial bodies moving round the? Sun
56. Day and night are the result of? Rrotation of Earth around its axis
57. Largest island in the world is? Greenland
58. Mount Everest is located in? Nepal
59. In which city was the first atomic bomb dropped by the United States in 1945? Hiroshima
60. The earth is elliptical because of its? centrifugal force of rotation

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