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List of Geographical Discoveries of the World:

DiscoveryDiscoverer (Country)
AmericaChristopher Columbus (Italy)
AustraliaCaptain James Cook (England) in 1770
BrazilPedro Alvares Cabral (Portuguese) in 1500
Cape of Good HopeBartholomeu Dias (Portugal) in 1488
ChinaMarco Polo (Italy)
First person to set foot on MoonNeil Armstrong (USA) in 1969
Hudson BayHenry Hudson (England) in 1610
Hawaiian IslandCaptain James Cook (England) in 1770
North PoleRobert Peary (USA) in 1909
New FoundlandJohn Cabot (Italy) in 1497
PlanetsJohannes Kepler (Germany) in 1609
Solar SystemNicolaus Copernicus (Poland) in 1540
Sea route to India via Cape of Good HopeVasco-da-Gama (Portugal) in 1498
South PoleRoald Amundsen (Norway) in 1911
Tasmania islandAbel Tasman (Dutch) in 1642