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61. The concept of welfare state is included in the constitution of India in the? Directive Principle of State Policy
62. The retirement age of Member of the State Public Service Commission is? 60 years
63. the concept of single citizenship is adopted from which country? Britain
64. How many Fundamental Duties have been incorporated in the Constitution of India? 10
65. From which fund unanticipated expenditure can be met without the prior approval of the Parliament? Contingency Fund of India
66. Which Articles of Constitution provides the rights of running their own educational institutions to religious minorities? Article 30(1)
67. The Constitution of India assures economic justice to its Citizens through the? Preamble
68. National Development council was constituted on? 1952
69. The concept of "Minimum Needs" was an innovation of which one of the following Five Year Plans? 5th Five Year Plan
70. The 97th Constitutional Amendment dealt with? Anti-Defection Bill
71. Who approves the Draft outline of Five Year Plan? The National Development Council
72. Which of Constitutional Provisions allows the propagation of one's own religion? Article 25(1)
73. Which Schedule contains distribution of legislative power between the centre and the states? 7th Schedule
74. Which Right is enjoyed by the Citizens and Foreigners both? Civil Right
75. One-third of the members of Rajya Sabha retire every two years, True or False? True
76. Kerala does not have legislative council, True or False? True
77. Under which Article the Provision of Contingency Fund of India has been made? Article 267
78. In which year Right to Information Act was passed? 2005
79. The President of India can exercise his veto power in respect of? Ordinary bills only
80. What is the minimum duration of a stay necessary, before a person can apply for Indian citizenship? 5 years


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