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Sl. No.Question - ConstitutionAnswer
41. British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act on? 18 July 1947.
42. Total number of Fundamental Rights in Constitution of India are? 6.
43. Total number of Schedule in Constitution of India are? 12.
44. Which Article of the Constitution defines Panchayat Raj? Article 243.
45. Under Constitutional Article 343, which is the official language of the Union? Hindi and English.
46. Which community gets special provision for Central Services in Article 336? Anglo-Indian community.
47. Which Constitutional Article lays down the provision for a National Commission for SC and ST? Article 338.
48. Before the Independence of India, Dadar and Nager Haveli was under the administrative control of? Portugese.
49. Who decides allotment of symbols to Political Parties? Election Commission.
50. Who has the authority to approve President rule in the state? Parliament.
51. Which Article specifies the number of seats for the Rajya Sabha? Article 80
52. Which Article specifies the number of seats for the Rajya Sabha? Article 80
53. Which Article specifies the number of seats for the Lok Sabha? Article 81
54. Which Article refers to Imposition of President\'s rule in States? Article 356
55. Which Schedule contains list of recognised languages of India? Schedule 8
56. Which Schedule contains the power, authorities and responsibilities of Panchayats? Schedule 11
57. With which Amendment to the Constitution Sikkim was made a full-fledged State of Indian Union? 36th Amendment, 1975
58. Planning Commission is a constitutional body, True or False? False
59. The word 'Minority' appears in which article of the Indian Constitution? Article 29
60. By which Amendment voting age was reduced from 21 to 18? 61st Amendment, 1989


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