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21. How many members are nominated by the President in the Rajya Sabha? 12 members.
22. How many members are nominated by the President in the Lok Sabha? 2 members (Anglo-Indian).
23. The retirement age of the judges of the Supreme Court is? 65 years.
24. The retirement age of the judges of the High Court is? 62 years.
25. Which Articles provide special status to Jammu and Kashmir? Article 370.
26. Under which Article powers and duties of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India are described? Article 149 and 150.
27. Under which Article reports of the CAG relating to the union are submitted to the President? Article 151.
28. In which year Election Commission of India was established? 25 January 1950.
29. Who was the first Vice-President of India? S. Radhakrishnan.
30. Who was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court? M. Fathima Beevi.
31. In which year first Lok Sabha election was held? 1952.
32. The constitutional provision 'Concurrent List' was borrowed from which country? Australia.
33. The model code of conduct for political parties and candidates to be followed during election is specified in? Representation of the People Act, 1951.
34. Who is the Chairman of Lok Sabha? Speaker.
35. Which articles empowers the President to appoint Prime Minister of India? Article 75.
36. Which has the most profound influence in framing the India Constitution? The Government of India Act, 1935.
37. Who is the Chairman of the National Integration Council? Prime Minister of India.
38. In the Union Government the council of Ministers is collectively responsible to? Lok Sabha.
39. In India when both offices of President and Vice-President happen to be vacant simultaneously who will discharge the duties of the President? Chief Justice of India.
40. Who determines the salaries and allowances of the members of the Parliament in India? Parliament by Law.


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