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Common Names of Chemical Compounds:

Common NamesChemical Compounds
Baking PowderSodium Bicarbonate
Blue VitriolCopper Sulphate
Bleaching PowderCalcium Oxychloride
ChloroformTrichloro Methane
Chalk (Marble)Calcium Carbonate
Caustic PotashPotassium Hydroxide
Caustic SodaSodium Hydroxide
Dry IceSolid Carbondioxide
EpsomMagnesium Sulphate
GypsumCalcium Sulphate
Green VitriolFerrous Sulphate
Heavy WaterDeuterium Oxide
VinegarAcetic Acid
Washing SodaSodium Carbonate
Slaked LimeCalcium Hydroxide
Potash AlumPotassium Aluminium Sulphate
Quick LimeCalcium Oxide
Plaster of ParisCalcium Sulphate
Mohr's SaltAmmonium Ferrous Sulphate
White VitriolZinc Sulphate
Marsh GasMethane
MagnesiaMagnesium Oxide
Laughing GasNitrous Oxide
VermeliumMercuric Sulphide
SandSilicon Oxide