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Abbreviations and Expansions, Full Form Traditional GK

List of Abbreviations and Expansions

Sl. No.AbbreviationAnswer
61. P.W.D. Public Works Department.
62. R.O.M. Read Only Memory.
63. U.S.B. Universal Serial Bus.
64. P.S.U. Public Sector Undertaking.
65. R.T.G.S. Real Time Gross Settlement.
66. N.E.F.T. National Electronic Funds Transfer.
67. I.C.U. Intensive Care Unit.
68. E.C.G. ElectroCardioGram.
69. C.A.T. Common Admission Test.
70. G.A.T.E. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
71. N.M.D.S. National Missile Defence System.
72. A.I.R. All India Radio.
73. H.T.M.L. HyperText Markup Language.
74. U.R.L. Uniform Resource Locator.
75. G.S.L.V. Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.
76. B.S.N.L. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.
77. S.A.R.S. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
78. G.S.M. Global System for Mobile Communications.
79. G.P.R.S. General Packet Radio Service.
80. WiFi Wireless Fidelity.

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