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Abbreviations and Expansions, Full Form Traditional GK

List of Abbreviations and Expansions

Sl. No.AbbreviationAnswer
21. O.N.G.C. Oil and Natural Gas Commission.
22. P.I.N. Code Postal Index Number Code.
23. V.A.T. Value Added Tax.
24. W.H.O. World Health Organization.
25. W.W.F. World Wildlife Fund.
26. F.A.O. Food and Agriculture Organization.
27. F.E.M.A. Foreign Exchange Management Act.
28. G.A.T.T. General Agreement on Tariff and Trade.
29. I.L.O. International Labour Organisation.
30. I.M.F. International Monetary Fund.
31. E.S.M.A. Essential Services Maintenance Act.
32. I.S.R.O. Indian Space Research Organisation.
33. W.W.W. World Wide Web.
34. W.A.P. Wireless Application Protocol.
35. C.I.A. Central Intelligence Agency.
36. C.I.D. Criminal Investigation Department.
37. I.T.D.C. Indian Tourism Development Corporation.
38. MoU. Memorandum of Understanding.
39. N.F.D.C. National Film Development Corporation.
40. P.O.T.A. Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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