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Reasoning - Coding Decoding Set-2.

1. If in a certain code, WOMEN is written as OWMNE, how is NOTES written in that code?

  • a) OTNES
  • b) ONTSE
  • c) SETON
  • d) NOETS

2. If CLOCK can be written as KCOLC, how can STEPS be written in that code?

  • a) SPSTE
  • b) ETSSP
  • c) SEPTS
  • d) SPETS

3. If in a code language BROAD is written as ASNBC, then how OMNI will be written in that language?

  • a) NNMJ
  • b) NMOJ
  • c) PNNH
  • d) NNJM

4. If KNIFE is written as MRKJG, then how DOCTOR will be written?

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  • a) FSGXQV
  • b) GSEXQU
  • c) FSEXQV
  • d) GSFXQV

5. In a certain code, if GENERAL is written as TVMVIZO, then SCIENCE will be written as:

  • a) HYRVMXV
  • b) HXRVNXV
  • c) HXRVMXV
  • d) HXRVMYV

6. In a certain code RELATION is written as TGNCVKQP. How will CERTAIN be written in the same code?

  • a) EGTVCKP
  • b) EGTVCJP
  • c) EANITCR
  • d) EGRVCKP

7. In a certain code PONDS is written as KTIIN. How will FIRST be written in the same code?

  • a) ANNXO
  • b) KDWNY
  • c) ANMXO
  • d) ANMXP

8. In a certain code E=P, Z=C, N=O, K=B, C=Q, A=X, R=H, B=R. How will BREAK be written in the same code?

  • a) RHPBX
  • b) RHPXB
  • c) RHPXC
  • d) ROPXB

9. If BOAT is written as CDPQBCUV, how will RUST can be written in that code?


10. If in a certain code DEFENCE is written as 42 in a certain code, how would COMMON be written in that code?

  • a) 37
  • b) 59
  • c) 73
  • d) 85