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Reasoning - Blood Relationship.

List of different types of relations to solve questions based on Blood Relationships.
Father's son or mother's sonBrother
Father's daughter or mother's daughterSister
Mother's brother (younger or elder)Maternal Uncle
Father's brother (younger or elder)Uncle (Paternal)
Father's sister (younger or elder)Aunt
Mother's sister (younger or elder)Aunt
Son's wifeDaughter-in-law
Daughter's husbandSon-in-law
Sister's husbandBrother-in-law
Husband's brother or wife's brotherBrother-in-law
Brother's wifeSister-in-law
Husband's sister or wife's sisterSister-in-law
Husband's father or wife's fatherFather-in-law
Husband's mother or wife's motherMother-in-law
Brother's son or sister's sonNephew
Brother's daughter or sister's daughterNiece
Uncle's daughter or aunt's daughterCousin
Uncle's son or aunt's sonCousin
Father's father or mother's fatherGrandfather
Father's mother or mother's motherGrandmother
Father of grandfather or father of grandmotherGreat grandfather
Mother of grandfather or Mother of grandmotherGreat grandmother

Blood Relationship Questions and Answers

1. Pointing to a man, a woman said, "His mother is the only daughter of my mother." How is the woman related to the man?

  • a) Mother
  • b) Daughter
  • c) Sister
  • d) Grand Mother

2. E is the sister of B, A is the father of C. B is the son of C. How is A related to E?

  • a) Grandfather
  • b) Granddaughter
  • c) Father
  • d) Great-grandfather

3. If X is the brother of the son of Y's son, then how is X related to Y?

  • a) Son
  • b) Brother
  • c) Nephew
  • d) Grandson

4. If A is the father of B and B is the mother of C and C is the daughter of D, then what is the relation between A and D?

  • a) Son-in-Law
  • b) Father-in-Law
  • c) Sister-in-Law
  • d) Brother-in-Law

5. Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law." How is the woman's husband related to the man in the photograph ?

  • a) Grandson
  • b) Son
  • c) Son-in-Law
  • d) Uncle

6. A is the son of B. B's sister C has a son D and a daughter E. F is the maternal uncle of D. How is E related to F?

  • a) Sister
  • b) Mother
  • c) Cousin
  • d) Niece

7. B is the brother of A, whose only sister C is the mother of D. E is maternal grandmother of D. How is B related to E?

  • a) Daughter
  • b) Daughter-in-Law
  • c) Son
  • d) Nephew

8. B is the brother of A. C is the father of A. D is the sister of C and E is mother of D. How is B related to E?

  • a) Grandson
  • b) Son
  • c) Son-in-Law
  • d) Grandmother

9. Pointing to a woman, Rakesh said, "Her only sister is the mother of my daughter's mother". How is the woman related to Rakesh?

  • a) Sister
  • b) Aunt
  • c) Grandmother
  • d) Mother

10. Pointing to a photograph Prakash said, "He is the son of the only daughter of the father of my brother." How Prakash is related to the man in the photograph?

  • a) Brother
  • b) Maternal Uncle
  • c) Nephew
  • d) Cousin

11. A is the sister of X. X is the daughter of Y. Y is the daughter of Z. What is A to Z?

  • a) Mother
  • b) Father
  • c) Uncle
  • d) Grand-daughter

12. P is the brother of N. O is the daughter of N. R is the sister of P and Q is the brother of O. Who is the uncle of Q?

  • a) P
  • b) O
  • c) N
  • d) R

13. Arun said, "This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother". Who is Arun to the girl?

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  • a) Grandfather
  • b) Husband
  • c) Father-in-law
  • d) Father

14. Ritu is the sister of Chhaya. Sonam is the mother of Chhaya. Mahesh is the father of Sonam. Lata is the mother of Mahesh. How Ritu is related to Lata?

  • a) Daughter
  • b) Granddaughter
  • c) Great Granddaughter
  • d) Daughter-in-law

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