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Online General Knowledge Quiz Set No - 59

Questions have been taken from previous years questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

581) India is a democratic republic, because:
A) there is independence of judiciary
B) the Head of the State is elected by the people
C) there is distribution of powers between the Centre and the States
D) there is Parliamentary supremacy

582) India is its largest producer and it is found in the black sand on the beaches near Cape Comorin, the southernmost part of India?
A) Ilmenite
B) Bauxite
C) Lignite
D) Kyanite

583) India is regarded as a country with 'Demographic Dividend
A) . This is due to:
B) Its high population in the age group below 15 years
C) Its high population in the age group of 15-64 years
D) Its high population in the age group above 65 years

584) India is self-sufficient in production of which of the following commodities?
A) Edible oil
B) Milk
C) Pulses
D) Natural gas

585) India is the seventh largest country in the world and it covers a total area of approximately:
A) 2700000 sq. km
B) 3000000 sq. km
C) 3200000 sq. km
D) 3600000 sq. km

586) India lies in the hemisphere:
A) Northern and eastern
B) Southern and eastern
C) Northern and western
D) Northern and southern

587) India opted for a federal form of government because of:
A) vast-territory
B) cultural integration
C) linguistic and regional diversity
D) administrative convenience

588) India opted for 'Mixed Economy' in?
A) First Five Year Plan
B) Second Five Year Plan
C) Industrial Policy of 1948
D) Framing of the Constitution

589) Indian Constitution is:
A) Quasi Federal
B) Unitary
C) Presidential
D) Federal

590) Indian Economy is a/an
A) Independent Economy
B) Mixed Economy
C) Capitalist Economy
D) Communist Economy