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Online General Knowledge Quiz Set No - 13

Questions have been taken from previous years questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

1 An eardrum is absent in

2 An economy is in equilibrium when

3 An election to fill a vacancy in the office of Vice-President occurring by reason of his death, resignation or removal, has to be held:

4 An element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially is:

5 An element which does not react with oxygen is

6 An essential attribute of inflation is:

7 An increase in the quantity supplied suggests?

8 An instrument that measures and records the relative humidity of air is

9 An ordinance promulagated by the President:

10 An ordinance promulagated by the President: