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Online General Science Quiz Set No - 3

General Science questions have been taken from previous years question papers of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

21) A super conductor is characterised by:
A) Zero permeability
B) Low permeability
C) High permeability
D) Infinite permeability

22) A woman who rents her womb to produce a child for others is known as
A) Biological mother
B) Step mother
C) Surrogate mother
D) Foster mother

23) According to Daltonís atomic theory the smallest particle which can exist independently is:
A) An atom
B) A molecule
C) A cation
D) An anion

24) According to special theory of relativity the mass of a particle
A) increases with increase in velocity with respect to an observer
B) decreases with increase in velocity
C) decreases with decrease in velocity
D) is independent of its velocity

25) Acetic acid on decarboxylation gives
A) Methane
B) Ethane
C) Propane
D) Butane

26) Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by ?
A) Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
B) Oxides of nitrogen and phosphorous
C) Oxides of carbon and nitrogen
D) None of these

27) Aerated water contains
A) SO2
B) NO2
C) H2
D) CO2

28) Age of fossil may be found out by determining the ratio of two isotopes of carbon. The isotopes are?
A) C-12 and C-14
B) C-12 and C-13
C) C-13 and C-14
D) C-12 and carbon black

29) AIDS is caused by?
A) Water
B) Bacteria
C) Virus
D) Fungus

30) Air is a/an:
A) Compound
B) Element
C) Mixture
D) Electrolyte

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