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Online History Quiz Set No - 39

History questions have been taken from previous years questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

381) Which of the following objects was not worshipped by the Indus valley people?
A) Mother Goddess
B) Pashupati Shiva
C) Trees such as Peepal and Acacia
D) Trimurti

382) Which of the following pair is wrongly matched?
A) Plato - Republic
B) Aristotle - Politics
C) Jawaharlal Nehru - Hind Swaraj
D) Karl Marx - Das Kapital

383) Which of the following Prime Ministers sent Cripps Mission to India?
A) Stanley Baldwin
B) Neville Chamberlain
C) James Ramsay MacDonald
D) Winston Churchill

384) Which of the following Rashtrakut kings defeated the Pratihar ruler Nagabhatta I?
A) Amoghvarsha I
B) Govind III
C) Krishna III
D) Indra II

385) Which of the following taxes of Chola period was for educational purpose?
A) Sarvamanya
B) Brahmadeva
C) Salabhoga
D) Devadana

386) Which of the following Vedas deals with magic spells and witchcraft?
A) Rigveda
B) Samaveda
C) Yajurveda
D) Atharvaveda

387) Which of the following Vedas was compiled first?
A) Rigveda
B) Samaveda
C) Yajurveda
D) Atharvaveda

388) Which of the following was first started by Mahatma Gandhi?
A) Champaran
B) Quit India Movement
C) Civil Disobedience
D) Non-cooperation

389) Which of the following was not one of the ruling dynasties of South India in the Sangam Age?
A) Chola
B) Chera
C) Pandya
D) Pallava

390) Which of the following was the court language during the reign of Akbar?
A) Urdu
B) Persian
C) Arabic
D) Hindi