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Online Geography Quiz Set No - 9

Geography questions have been taken from previous years question papers of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, Bank, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

1 The National Geophysical Research Institute is located at?

2 The Sahara Desert is not a part of which country?

3 Which of the following country has the highest Life Expectancy?

4 Which is the world's smallest country in terms of area?

5 Which country has the highest waterfall?

6 Which is the second most populous country in the world?

7 What is the capital of MALDIVES?

8 The world's first university was established in 700 BC at?

9 During the Chola period, Sri Lanka was known as?

10 Which of the following district are common between Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?