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Online Indian Constitution Quiz Set No - 6

Constitution questions have been taken from previous years questions paper of different competitive examinations such SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, NDA, State PSC, Railways, MAT, CAT, etc.

1 Democratic Centralism is an important feature of a

2 Details on how citizenship may be acquired and terminated are enumerated in:

3 'Directive Principles of State Policy' in our constitution is borrowed from which country?

4 Who among the following was the first Chief Justice of India?

5 Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?

6 What is the minimum age limit to become the Governor of a state in India ?

7 What is the minimum duration of a stay necessary, before a person can apply for Indian citizenship?

8 Which one of the following statements is correct? The Prime Minister of India

9 Which Prime Minister of India was a Commercial Pilot?

10 The First Election Commissioner of India was?