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Questions on Profit and Loss


Important Questions on Profit and Loss with Solutions-

1. A shopkeeper offers a discount of 10% on his articles. The marked price of the article is Rs. 450. The selling price should be?

A.  Rs. 405

B.  Rs. 400

C.  Rs. 395

D.  Rs. 410

2. How much percent more than the cost price should a shopkeeper mark his goods so that after allowing a discount of 25% on the marked price, he gains 20%?

A.  60%

B.  55%

C.  70%

D.  50%

3. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at the cost price but uses a false weight of 850 g instead of 1 kg. His gain percent is

A.  $MF#%\text{71} \frac{11}{17}\% $MF#%

B.  $MF#%\text{11} \frac{11}{17}\% $MF#%

C.  $MF#%\text{17} \frac{12}{17}\% $MF#%

D.  $MF#%\text{17} \frac{11}{17}\% $MF#%

4. A retailer purchased radiosets at the rate of Rs. 400 each from a wholesaler. He raised the price by 30% and then allowed a discount of 8% on each set. His profit will be:

A.  19%

B.  78.4%

C.  22%

D.  19.6%

5. An article is sold at 10% loss. If the selling price is Rs. 40 more, there will be a gain of 15%. The cost price of the article is:

A.  Rs. 140

B.  Rs. 120

C.  Rs. 175

D.  Rs. 160

6. The marked price of a table is Rs. 800. A retailer bought it after two successive discounts of 10% and 15%. He spent Rs. 13 on transportation and sold it for Rs. 875. His profit was:

A.  40%

B.  37%

C.  28%

D.  25%

7. A person sells 320 mangoes at the cost price of 400 mangoes. What is his profit percent?

A.  10%

B.  15%

C.  20%

D.  25%

8. By selling 33 metres of cloth, a person gains the cost of 11 metres. Find his gain%:

A.  $MF#%\text{33} \dfrac{1}{3}\% $MF#%

B.  $MF#%\text{33} \dfrac{1}{2}\% $MF#%

C.  $MF#%\text{33}\% $MF#%

D.  $MF#%\text{34} \dfrac{1}{3}\% $MF#%

9. A shopkeeper earns a profit of 15% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. The ratio of the cost price and the printed price is:

A.  18 : 23

B.  16 : 21

C.  18 : 21

D.  17 : 23

10. If a selling price of Rs. 24 results in 20% discount on the list price of an article, the selling price that would result in 30% discount on the list price is:

A.  Rs. 17

B.  Rs. 23

C.  Rs. 18

D.  Rs. 21

11. If the cost price of 15 books is equal to the selling price of 20 books, the loss percent is:

A.  16

B.  20

C.  24

D.  25

12. Successive discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% is equivalent to a single discount of:

A.  60%

B.  49.6%

C.  40.5%

D.  36%

13. A merchant purchase a wrist watch for Rs 1200 and fixes its list price in such a way that after allowing a discount of 10%, he earns a profit of 20%. The list price of the watch is:

A.  Rs 1600

B.  Rs 1200

C.  Rs 1400

D.  Rs 1800

14. A man sells an article at 5% above the cost price. If he had bought it at 5% less than what he paid for it and sold it for Rs 2 less, he would have gained 10%. The cost price of the article is:

A.  Rs 250

B.  Rs 400

C.  Rs 350

D.  Rs 200

15. Loss of 20% on selling price is equal to x% loss in cost price. What is x?

A.  20%

B.  20

C.  $MF#% 16 \dfrac{2}{3} \text{%} $MF#%

D.  16

16. The marked price of a watch was Rs 720. A man bought the same for Rs 550.80 after getting two successive discounts, the first being 10%. The second discount rate is:

A.  12%

B.  14%

C.  15%

D.  18%

17. A man purchased an article for Rs 1500 and sold it at 25% above the cost price. If he has to pay Rs 75 as tax on it, his net profit percentage will be:

A.  25%

B.  30%

C.  15%

D.  20%

18. A fruit seller buys 240 apples for Rs 600. Some of these apples are bad and are thrown away. He sells the remaining apples at Rs 3.50 each and makes a profit of Rs 198. The percentage of apples thrown away are:

A.  8%

B.  7%

C.  6%

D.  5%

19. A fruit seller buys some oranges at the rate of 4 for Rs 10 and an equal number more at 5 for Rs 10. He sells the whole lot at 9 for Rs 20. What is his loss or gain percent?

A.  Loss percent $MF#% 1 \dfrac{19}{81} \text{%} $MF#%

B.  Gain percent $MF#% 1 \dfrac{19}{81} \text{%} $MF#%

C.  No loss or no profit

D.  Loss percent 2%