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Solved Problems of Area and Perimeter of Square, Rectangle, Circle, etc.

1. A wire is in the form of a circle. The radius of the circle is 28 cm. The wire is then moulded to form a square. Find the side of the square formed?

A.  44 cm

B.  66 cm

C.  22 cm

D.  11 cm

2. The breadth of a rectangular field is 75% of its length. If the perimeter of the field is 1,050 m, then area of the field is:

A.  $MF#% \text{65,000 } m^2 $MF#%

B.  $MF#% \text{62,000 } m^2 $MF#%

C.  $MF#% \text{67,500 } m^2 $MF#%

D.  $MF#% \text{68,500 } m^2 $MF#%

3. In a square field the diagonal is 30 m. What is the area of the square field?

A.  $MF#% \text{90 } m^2 $MF#%

B.  $MF#% \text{500 } m^2 $MF#%

C.  $MF#% \text{450 } m^2 $MF#%

D.  $MF#% \text{60 } m^2 $MF#%

4. The area of the path 1 m wide surrounding a playground 60 m long and 40 m broad is:

A.  200 sq. m.

B.  204 sq. m.

C.  2604 sq. m.

D.  240 sq. m.

5. A restaurant hall is 20 metre long, 15 metre wide and 5 metre high. Its interior has to be covered with mat. What will be the total expenditure if it costs Rs. 60 per square metre?

A.  Rs. 64000

B.  Rs. 57000

C.  Rs. 52000

D.  Rs. 45000

6. A circular road runs around a circular ground. If the difference between the circumference of the outer circle and the inner circle is 44 metres, find the width of the road?

A.  8 metres

B.  7 metres

C.  17 metres

D.  9 metres

7. The maximum length of a pencil that can be kept in a rectangular box of dimensions 8 cm * 6 cm * 2 cm is:

A.  2 13

B.  2 14

C.  2 26

D.  10 21

8. What is the cost of levelling the field in the form of parallelogram at the rate of Rs. 50 per 10 sq.metre, whose base and perpendicular distance from the other side being 54 metre and 24 metre respectively?

A.  Rs. 6840

B.  Rs. 6480

C.  Rs. 6450

D.  Rs. 6680

9. The perimeter of one square is 24 metres and that of another is 32 metres. Perimeter of a square whose area is equal to the sum of the areas of the two squares will be:

A.  30 m

B.  40 m

C.  50 m

D.  60 m

10. The three side of a triangle are 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm respectively, then its area is:

A.  6

B.  7

C.  8

D.  9