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SSC CGL Exam held on 30.08.2016 (1st Sitting) General Awareness

There are 25 questions. Each questions has 4 options. Select the option which you think is correct. On selecting any option, Correct Answer will be displayed in Green and Wrong answer will be displayed in Red.

1. Who among the following is not a member of the National Development Council?

2. The rate of tax increase as the amount of the tax base increases is called:

3. The supply-side economics lays greater emphasis on _______.

4. The founding father of "Theory of bureaucracy" was:

5. The United Nations Organisation came into existence in:

6. Abdul Fazal was the son of which Sufi saint?

7. French revolution broke out in the year:

8. The song "Vande Mataram" occurs in the book ______.

9. Which mosquito is the carrier of Zika virus?

10. Geothermal energy is maximum utilized in ________.

11. Root cap is derived from:

12. The blotting technique used to identify the isolated protein is _______.

13. Morphology of Chromosomes can be best studied at ______.

14. The 'Choke' used with a tube light is basically ______.

15. Curie is an unit of _______.

16. In Networks, WEP stands for:

17. For extinguishing fire, we use ______.

18. The chemical name of quartz is ______.

19. Continuous chain of mountains that rise abruptly more or less parallel to the coastline of India is:

20. The biggest reserves of Thorium are in _____.

21. Which of the following became the first country in the world to legalise euthanasia?

22. Which of the following countries won Euro Cup 2016 (football)?

23. Shivkumar Sharma is famous for playing the ______.

24. Who among the following is popularly known as 'Blade Runner'?

25. FCRA administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs stands for ______?