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Solved General Awareness Question Paper (Test Form No. 765 PK 3) of SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) TIER-I Exam 2014 held on 26.10.2014

1. Interest paid to a bank for a crop loan is

  • a) intermediate consumption
  • b) a transfer payment
  • c) a factor payment
  • d) capital formation

2. Economic growth refers to

  • a) continuous growth of agriculture sector
  • b) prevention of concentration of wealth
  • c) continuous growth of national income for at least two years
  • d) continuous growth of per capita real income over a period of time in an economy

3. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

  • a) Economy faces the problem of excess of resources.
  • b) The central problem of an economy is the problem of allocation of resources.
  • c) Economy faces the problem of utilisation of resources.
  • d) Economy faces the problem of growth of resources.

4. In the case of direct taxes, the payment liability and the ultimate burden of the tax lies upon

  • a) both on whom it has been imposed and on whom it is not imposed
  • b) the person on whom it has been imposed
  • c) the person on whom it has not been imposed
  • d) the tax department who collects the taxes

5. Which of the following systems is based on the principle of surplus value?

  • a) Communism
  • b) Capitalism
  • c) Individualism
  • d) Idealism

6. Which of the following provides Representative Government?

  • a) Presidential form of Government
  • b) Indirect Democracy
  • c) Direct Democracy
  • d) Democracy

7. What is the main duty of the Legislature?

  • a) Central administration
  • b) Enacting laws
  • c) Implementing judicial matters
  • d) Implementing laws

8. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at

  • a) Kashi
  • b) Pataliputra
  • c) Ujjain
  • d) Sravanabelgola

9. In only a part of the labour force employed by a firm can be dismissed at any time and without pay, the total wages and salaries paid by the firm must be considered

  • a) neither a fixed cost nor a variable cost
  • b) a variable cost
  • c) a fixed cost
  • d) partly a fixed and partly a variable cost

10. Members of the Union Public Service Commission are appointed by the

  • a) Law Minister
  • b) President
  • c) Prime Minister
  • d) Chief Justice

11. Who said, "A state is known by the rights that it maintains"?

  • a) Machiavelli
  • b) Laski
  • c) Maciver
  • d) J S Mill

12. A member of Liliaceae that shows reticulate venation is

  • a) Allium
  • b) Scilla
  • c) Smilax
  • d) Aloe

13. Euphenics is

  • a) Treatment of defective heredity through genetic engineering
  • b) Manipulation of genes
  • c) Improvement of race
  • d) Study of conditions affecting organisms

14. Araneology is

  • a) Study of mites
  • b) Rearing of bees
  • c) Study of aphids
  • d) Study of spiders

15. What does "Corpus luteum" secrete?

  • a) Progesterone
  • b) Testosterone
  • c) Estrogen
  • d) Haemoglobin

16. The male sex hormone is

  • a) Progesterone
  • b) Estrogen
  • c) Testosterone
  • d) Insulin

17. Buddha died in the year

  • a) 483 BC
  • b) 438 BC
  • c) 453 BC
  • d) 468 BC

18. The new name of Burma is Myanmar and its capital is

  • a) Naypyidaw
  • b) Arakan
  • c) Rangoon
  • d) Ava

19. The famous Jain centre in South India is located at

  • a) Rameshwaram
  • b) Kanchi
  • c) Madurai
  • d) Sravanabelgola

20. The Ashokan Inscriptions were engraved in which script?

  • a) Magadhi
  • b) Brahmi
  • c) Pali
  • d) Devanagari

21. Which of the following lakes is called 'Honeymoon Lake'?

  • a) Nyasa
  • b) Chad
  • c) Titicaca
  • d) Toba

22. Harmattan blows in Sahara desert from

  • a) South to North
  • b) East to West
  • c) West to East
  • d) North to South

23. The busiest ocean from the point of view of trade is

  • a) Arctic Ocean
  • b) Pacific Ocean
  • c) Indian Ocean
  • d) Atlantic Ocean

24. The forest in Silent Valley of Kerala is an example of

  • a) mangrove forest
  • b) deciduous forest
  • c) tropical rainforest
  • d) alpine coniferous forest

25. Annaimudi peak is located in the

  • a) Sahyadri
  • b) Eastern Ghats
  • c) Nilgiri hills
  • d) Palni hills

26. Commercially important cotton fibres are

  • a) bark fibres of stems
  • b) epidermal hairs of seeds
  • c) woody fibres of roots
  • d) phloem fibres of roots

27. Herman Hollerith had perfected his tabulating system and developed a machine called

  • a) Analytical Engine
  • b) Census Tabulator
  • c) Tabulation Engine
  • d) None of the above

28. DBMS used for building computer applications stands for

  • a) Database Micro System
  • b) Database Machine System
  • c) Database Maintenance System
  • d) Database Management System

29. The total energy of an electron inside an atom is

  • a) Infinite
  • b) Zero
  • c) More than zero
  • d) Less than zero

30. The velocity of light is

  • a) 3 x 108 m/sec
  • b) 3 x 108 km/sec
  • c) 3 x 108 miles/sec
  • d) 3 x 108 cm/sec

31. A seconds pendulum is a pendulum whose time period is

  • a) 1 second
  • b) 4 seconds
  • c) 3 seconds
  • d) 2 seconds

32. A jug is filled up to the brim with water at 0oC. A piece of ice floats in it. The moment the ice melts

  • a) water spills out of the jug
  • b) water level increases
  • c) water level decreases
  • d) water level is unchanged

33. The rusting of metal iron in air needs both?

  • a) Oxygen and grease
  • b) Oxygen and moisture
  • c) Carbon dioxide and moisture
  • d) Water and paint

34. Arsenic problem in India is primarily due to

  • a) Overexploitation of surface water in the affected areas
  • b) Overexploitation of arsenopyrite in the hinterland
  • c) Overexploitation of coal in Bihar and Bengal
  • d) Overexploitation of ground water in the affected areas

35. Acid rain is caused by

  • a) NO2 and O2
  • b) CO and CO2
  • c) SO2 and O2
  • d) SO2 and NO2

36. Iodine test is used to detect

  • a) Cholesterol
  • b) Carbohydrate
  • c) Protein
  • d) Fat

37. Which of the following is used in pencils?

  • a) Charcoal
  • b) Graphite
  • c) Sulphur
  • d) Phosphorus

38. The branch of medicine involving synthetic chemical compounds is

  • a) Unani
  • b) Ayurveda
  • c) Allopathy
  • d) Homoeopathy

39. Who is the author of the book "Romancing With Life"?

  • a) Shashi Tharoor
  • b) Bill Clinton
  • c) Kapil Dev
  • d) Dev Anand

40. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?

  • a) Muhammad Shah
  • b) Bahur
  • c) Jahangir
  • d) Aurangzeb

41. A South Rajasthani tribe earning its living by song and dance is

  • a) Mayas
  • b) Moors
  • c) Khasis
  • d) Garasia

42. Hydrogen was discovered by

  • a) Cavendish
  • b) Priestley
  • c) Boyle
  • d) Charles

43. The biggest delta in the world is the

  • a) Nippon Delta
  • b) Sicily Delta
  • c) Ganges Delta
  • d) Caspian Delta

44. Absorption of water from cut ends of stems disproves the

  • a) Imbibitional pressure theory
  • b) Theory of Capillarity
  • c) Cohesion-tension
  • d) Root pressure theory

45. The loss of water in the form of water droplets is called

  • a) Bleeding
  • b) Transpiration
  • c) Guttation
  • d) Evaporation

46. "Vatsalya Mela" is annually organised in

  • a) Chandigarh
  • b) Bangalore
  • c) New Delhi
  • d) Bhopal

47. Who is the Director General of the BBC?

  • a) Tony Hall
  • b) Jimmy Savile
  • c) George Entwistle
  • d) Karan Thapar

48. Who is Australia's High Commissioner to India?

  • a) Simon Tirkey
  • b) M P Samuel
  • c) Peter Varghese
  • d) Patrick Suckling

49. Who was elected as the President of Indian Football Federation?

  • a) Praful Patel
  • b) Hardev Jadeja
  • c) Subrata Dutta
  • d) Shrinivas V Dempo

50. Who took over as the Chairman of Tata Sons?

  • a) Ratan Tata
  • b) Shapoor Mistry
  • c) Ravikant
  • d) Cyrus Pallonji Mistry