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General Knowledge: Model Test Paper-7

1 During indian freedom struggle, which one of the following happened earliest?

2 During Kanishka's reign, the centre of political activity shifted from Magadha to:

3 During the Chola period, Sri Lanka was known as?

4 During the freedom struggle, Aruna Asaf Ali was a major woman organizer of underground activity in?

5 During the Indian Freedom Struggle, why did Rowlatt Act arouse popular indignation?

6 During the monsoon season rainfall decreases from the Ganga delta to the Punjab plains. It is because:

7 During the proclamation of National Emergency:

8 During the reign of which ancient Indian ruler, did Chinese traveller Fa-Hien visit India?

9 During the tenure of which Governor General of India, King George V visited India?

10 During which 5-year Plan did prices show a decline?

11 During which Five Year Plan was Green Revolution initiated in India?

12 During which Five Year Plan was the total expenditure on agriculture the highest?

13 During which of the following periods of Indian History did the Kshatriyas have a distinct identity?

14 During which Plan period did agricultural production register a negative growth?

15 During whose Governor Generalship the Maratha confederacy ended?

16 'Dykes' are especially constructed in

17 Earthquakes are generally associated with

18 East West corridor comprising National Highways connects?

19 Economic Planning is a subject:

20 Economic planning is an essential feature of ?

21 'Economic Planning' refers to ?

22 Economic survey is published by :

23 Edward Jenner is associated with

24 Electrostatic precipitator is used to control?

25 Endoscope is an instrument used to detect the ulcers in the stomach has a long narrow tube (with a small glowing bulb at one end) which is inserted in to the stomach through the mouth contains

26 Enumerate the Vedangas

27 Environmental pollution can be controlled by?

28 Enzymes are

29 Epoxy resins is used as:

30 Equality before law also means that no man is above law in the country. The only exception made in the Constitution relates to the?

31 Equilibrium of the monopolistic firm

32 Essential oils contain

33 Estimates of national income in India are prepared by the?

34 Every proclamation issued under Article 356 shall cease to operate at the expiration of:

35 Excess amount of absorbed water by plants is liberated out by?

36 Excise Duty is a tax levied on the?

37 Excretion in Hemichordates takes place by

38 EXIM Bank was set-up in the year:

39 Falkland Islands, located in South Atlantic Ocean, are a self-governing Overseas Territory of which country ?

40 Fascism believes in

41 Find the incorrect match among the followings:

42 First Indian cricketer to take Hat Trick in Test Cricket is?

43 First Jain Tirthankar was?

44 First Olympic games were held in which year?

45 First vessel acquired by the Department of Ocean Development (DOD) for fisheries and oceanographic research?

46 Fiscal Deficit in the Union Budget means?

47 Fiscal Policy is connected with?

48 Fixation of nitrogen means:

49 Flowerless plants are termed as ?

50 Fly wheel is an important part of a steam engine because it