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Model Test Paper-6

General Knowledge for SSC

251) Constitutional status to Panchayati Raj System was given by?
A) 24th amendment
B) 25th amendment
C) 42nd amendment
D) 73rd amendment

252) Constitutionally which of the following has the power to make a law on the subject mentionable in the Union List?
A) President
B) Lok Sabha
C) Rajya Sabha
D) Parliament

253) Constitutionally, who has the power to make a law on the subject mentionable in the Union List?
A) Lok Sabha
B) Rajya Sabha
C) Parliament
D) Legislative Council

254) Consumer Protection Act 1986 was amended in?
A) 1991
B) 1992
C) 1993
D) 1994

255) Consumer's surplus is the highest in the case of ?
A) necessities
B) comforts
C) luxuries
D) durable goods

256) Contact lenses are made from?
A) Polystyrene
B) Lucite
C) Polyvinyl chloride
D) Teflon

257) Convertibility of the rupee implies:
A) being able to convert rupee notes into gold
B) freely permitting the conversion of rupee to other major currencies and vice versa
C) allowing the value of the rupee to be fixed by market forces
D) developing an international market for currencies in India

258) Cooking oil can be converted into vegetables ghee by the process of:
A) Oxidation
B) Hydrogenation
C) Distillation
D) Crystallisation

259) Cotton fibers are made of:
A) cellulose
B) starch
C) proteins
D) fats

260) Coupling and repulsion are the two states of
A) crossing over
B) linkage
C) chiasma
D) mutation

261) Cow milk is a rich source of:
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B1
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

262) Crescograph, a device for measuring growth in plants, was invented by which Indian scientist?
A) Jagadish Chandra Bose
B) Meghnad Saha
C) Satyendra Nath Bose
D) M. Swaminathan

263) Crossing-over occurs during
A) Leptotene
B) Zygotene
C) Pachytene
D) Diplotene

264) Crude oil is sometimes termed as sweet because it is
A) mildly sweet due to low sulphur content
B) less acidic
C) less alkaline
D) sweet in taste due to dissolved sugars

265) Cyclical unemployment refers to:
A) seasonal unemployment
B) disguised unemployment
C) voluntary unemployment
D) unemployment during recessionary phase of a trade cycle

266) Dactylogram is related with
A) finger print
B) teleprinter
C) perumbulator
D) cereals

267) Dadabhai Naoroji theorised on the drain of wealth from India in his book:
A) Poverty under British Rule in India
B) Poverty in British Rule in India
C) Poverty and Un-British Rule in India
D) Poverty of Economic Drain in British India

268) Daily weather changes in the atmosphere are associated with
A) Troposphere
B) Mesosphere
C) Ionosphere
D) Stratosphere

269) Damping off of seedlings is caused by
A) Peronospola parasitica
B) Albugo Candida
C) Phytophthora infestants
D) Phythium debaryanum

270) Dead organs are generally stored in formalin. Formalin is?
A) aqueous formaldehyde
B) aqueous formic acid
C) aqueous ferric alum
D) aqueous ferrous sulphate

271) Debenture holders of a company are its?
A) Creditors
B) Debtors
C) Shareholders
D) Directors

272) Decibel unit is used to measure?
A) Sound intensity
B) Light intensity
C) Magnitude of Earthquake
D) None of these

273) Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of:
A) Iron oxide
B) Cupric oxide
C) Nickel oxide
D) Cobalt oxide

274) Deficiency of which vitamin leads to 'Rickets' (softening of bones) ?
A) Vitamin D
B) Vitamin A
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin B

275) Deficit financing creates additional paper currency to fill the gap between expenditure and revenue. This device aims at economic development but if it fails, it generates :
A) inflation
B) devaluation
C) deflation
D) demonetization

276) Deficit financing implies?
A) Public expenditure in excess of public revenue
B) Replacing new currency with worn out currency
C) Public revenue in excess of public expenditure
D) Printing new currency notes

277) Deficit financing leads to inflation in general, but it can be checked if?
A) Only aggregate demand is increased
B) Government expenditure leads to increase in the aggregate supply in ratio of aggregate demand
C) All the expenditure is denoted national debt payment only
D) All of these

278) Deficit Financing means that the government borrows money from the?
A) Reserve Bank of India
B) Asian Development Bank
C) World Bank
D) International Monetary Fund

279) Deforestation results in : (1) flora destruction, (2) fauna destruction, (3) ecological disbalance.
A) 2 and 3
B) 1, 2 and 3
C) 1 only
D) 1 and 3

280) Demand in Economics means
A) Market demand
B) Individual demand
C) Demand backed by purchasing power
D) Aggregate demand

281) Democratic Centralism is an important feature of a
A) Socialist state
B) Communist state
C) Democratic state
D) Totalitarian state

282) Depreciation means?
A) Closure of a plant due to labour trouble
B) Destruction of a plant in a fire accident
C) Loss of equipment over time due to wear and tear
D) Closure of a plant due to lock out

283) Depth of the sea is measured in?
A) Fathom
B) Nautical miles
C) Decibel
D) Meter

284) Details on how citizenship may be acquired and terminated are enumerated in:
A) Part II of the Constitution
B) the Citizenship Act, 1955
C) Schedule I of the Constitution
D) various enactments by Parliament

285) Devaluation means:
A) converting rupee into gold
B) lowering of the value of one currency in comparison of some foreign currency
C) making rupee dealer in comparison to some foreign currency
D) None of these

286) Devaluation of currency by a country is meant to lead to : (1) expansion of import trade, (2) promotion of import substitution, (3) expansion of export trade.
A) 1 only
B) 2 and 3
C) 1 and 2
D) 1 and 4

287) Devaluation of currency leads to?
A) Erratic fluctuations in domestic prices
B) No impact on domestic prices
C) Increase in domestic prices
D) Fall in domestic prices

288) Development expenditure of the Central government does not include?
A) Expenditure on economic services
B) Defence expenditure
C) Grant to states
D) Expenditure on social and community services

289) Diamond is harder than graphite because of:
A) Difference of layers of atoms
B) Tetrahedral structure of diamonds
C) Difference of crystaline structures
D) None of these

290) 'Directive Principles of State Policy' in our constitution is borrowed from which country?
B) Ireland
D) Canada

291) Disguised unemployment in India is mainly related to : (1) agricultural sector, (2) rural area, (3) factory sector, (4) urban area.
A) 1 and 2
B) 1 and 3
C) 2 and 4
D) 3 and 4

292) Disputes regarding the election of the President and Vice-President are settled:
A) in the Supreme Court
B) by the Election Commission
C) by a Parliamentary Committee
D) in the High Court

293) Diu is an island off which state?
A) Goa
B) Gujarat
C) Kerala
D) Maharashtra

294) Dr. B. R Ambedkar was conferred 'Bharat Ratna' during the regime of

295) Dry ice is:
A) Ice which never melts
B) A term used for insensitive persons
C) Solid carbon dioxide
D) Frozen heavy water

296) Due to its ability to dissolve glass, which acid is not kept in glass container ?
A) Hydrofluoric Acid
B) Hydrochloric Acid
C) Sulphuric Acid
D) Nitric Acid

297) Dumping in the context of international trade refers to :
A) exporting goods at prices below the actual cost of production
B) exporting goods without paying the appropriate taxes in the receiving country
C) exporting goods of inferior quality
D) exporting goods only to re-import them at cheaper rates

298) Duncan passage is located between?
A) South and Little Andaman
B) Middle and South Andaman
C) North and Middle Andaman
D) Little and Great Nicobar

299) During burnings of fuels, carbon and hydrogen present in the fuels are:
A) Converted into carbon dioxide and water vapour
B) Released into the atmosphere
C) Absorbed by the surroundings
D) Converted into alkanes

300) During his pilgrimage, Chaitanya received enlightment at?
A) Kanchipuram
B) Gaya
C) Allahabad
D) Rameshwaram